Monday, September 24, 2012

Because Life is not is made complex

I don't know who this person is. Found her singing on the street corner one evening. But I do know she is caught up in her own dreamy world of music. If only we could all live our life doing what we love the most, without having to care about what others or the society thinks- Life would definitely be a lot simpler. Take a step back and think "how much have we lived for ourselves, and how much for others?", why does the world have such a high influence on almost everything that we do?, and, why is our wish-list only getting longer day after day?

A girl who dreams of becoming a head chef of a Star hotel is actually working in a software company writing code in CoffeeScript- that's the least she could get to cooking! A guy who dreams of becoming a part of the Indian cricket team and winning the world cup is an ASIC verification engineer in a MNC, and its been ages he ever touched the cricket bat. Why is following our dreams so difficult? Why do we give up even before we get started? 

Well, we all know the reason, and yet we don't care to do something different. After all, we are caught up in this vicious circle where we are too busy to do something different. There are a lucky few who get to chase their dreams and bask in the contentment of seeing their dreams come true. And, they got lucky because they chased their dreams through thick and thin; they followed the path where their heart led them without bothering about success and failure even before taking the first step. And, this is something that many of us are scared of- success!

And, No. I am not a photographer nor a philosopher, just another girl who finds this person to be more inspiring than she actually thinks she is.

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